How can I find more friends?

There are several options to connect with friends as well as to make new ones.

  1. By synchronising your phone contacts with Jongla, you will see friends that are already using Jongla.
  2. You can chat with any of your phone contacts! Start the conversation like any chat by selecting a friend on the Friends tab. Non-Jongla users will be able to reply via a web link which is delivered to them via free SMS.
  3. Find new friends by activating your profile on the People tab. To be part of the community of nearby users, first turn on your location, then set your age, profile and cover picture.
  4. Share your profile in social media from the top right corner of your own profile so your social network can find you.
  5. Invite more friends to join you via social media, SMS or email by going to Contacts from your Settings.

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