Start your happiness now!

Did you know that our actions & choices have a huge effect on our happiness? Happiness has less to do with how much money you are making or how slim or how muscular you are. Our happiness relies mainly on our attitude.

Based on the Action for Happiness movement, there are 10 keys to happier living.


  • Giving – Do things for others
  • Relating – Connect with people
  • Exercising – Take care of your body
  • Awareness – Live life mindfully
  • Trying out – Keep learning new things
  • Direction – Have goals to look forward to
  • Resilience – Find ways to bounce back
  • Emotions – Look for what’s good
  • Acceptance – Be comfortable with who you are
  • Meaning – Be part of something bigger

Focus on the 10 keys above to bring happiness to yourself and people around you. Make the world a happier place by starting from you!

At Jongla, we aim to bring happiness to each other everyday at work whether having a morning coffee, being in meetings, having office chats, lunches and holidays. Maybe the GREAT DREAM above can put a spark in your happiness too. Now we wish you Happy International Happiness Day! Be happy!

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