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The Finnish Mobile Messaging Pioneer

Jongla is a Finnish messaging start-up company specialising in device- and platform-independent social messaging. We are an experienced and multicultural team of tech-oriented mobile messaging professionals, located in Helsinki, Finland and Jakarta, Indonesia. We are developing our award-winning service for a growing community of users. Our focus is on the creation of innovative mobile messaging services and features that make an outstanding user experience.

Meet the CEO

Riku Salminen

Dear reader, my name is Riku Salminen and I am the CEO of Jongla. I will share some insight on Jongla with you. As an innovator and driver I have been involved during my entire career in creating new digital innovations and businesses. I’ve worked previously in the fields of Telecommunication, Media, Advertising, Gaming and Startups. It has given me valuable experience to recognise user needs and to solve them with the latest technology and great user experience. The journey of Jongla started in 2009, when our EVP, Arto Boman, founded the company together with me and few other partners. We founded the company because we wanted to change the world and help people to communicate more efficiently. Today I have the privilege of leading this award winning mobile messaging startup and the global team of professionals towards new innovations and success.

Our strategy

We believe in a world where everyone can communicate instantly, freely and securely from anywhere and with anyone. The future of Internet is on mobile and the future of mobile is in Instant Messaging.

We are operating in a highly competitive market and the way we compete and differentiate is based on our ability to disrupt the market with new cutting edge technology, unique features and outstanding quality. Instant, free and secure communication should be everyone’s basic right. Our roadmap and all our actions are guided by these beliefs.

Why Jongla?

Less is more! Did you know that Jongla is the world’s lightest messaging app and still we offer a wide range of features, some of which are totally unique. Jongla is an open messaging platform that makes it possible for you to enjoy a free chat with ANYONE and easily share and personalise those great moments of your everyday life with stickers, images, locations, videos and voice messages with fun filters among many other cool features.

Jongla Family

We believe that great results come from happy people. Thus we wanted to create a corporate culture that is friendly and relaxed and inspires people’s creativity. In Jongla, all innovations achieved are a result of teamwork, open communication and encouragement to think differently. A devoted, passionate and innovative working culture is built and maintained every day. Every member of our multicultural team is equally respected.

Focus on the user

We are focusing 100% to the happiness of our customers. All the time spent on developing our product is about creating outstanding user experience and features that make Jongla users happier.

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