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Meet SoundMash – our new social app that allows you to get creative using your voice

Here’s a collaborative and engaging new way to be social with your voice – because writing a text is boring, right?

SoundMash is a hub for voice-related activities with friends and family. The app includes two main features: BirthdayMash and GIFMash. BirthdayMash allows users to sing Happy Birthday to a birthday boy or girl with a group of friends even if they are far apart geographically. GIFMash allows user to pick a GIF and record a voice over with an optional sound filter. SoundMash includes several options for sharing, like YouTube and Instagram.

“We have explored several new ways for people to be social and creative. SoundMash combines the power of social networks and creativity with fun voice changing features. With this app, we aim to revolutionise social sound creation”, Riku Salminen, CEO of Jongla explains.

The essence of SoundMash is user-generated content. It enables unique combinations of sound and images to be shared with friends. With the included voice filters, users can change their voice, for example, to an alien, a little squirrel or a police officer. At its heart, SoundMash offers people the tools to be creative with their voice and surprise friends with personalised content – something a text can’t do.

“GIFMash is great for dubbing. People are using it a lot to dub GIFs of their favorite TV scenes”, says Salminen and continues, “BirthdayMash is great for making heart-warming or wacky birthday cards by singing Happy Birthday together with friends over a high-quality background tune.”

Building on Jongla’s social messaging expertise, SoundMash has a simplistic and chat-like UI. Mashes are created through a chat between a bot and the user where the bot gives the user tips on how to move forward.

“For those who want to use their own voice to create unforgettable surprises and fun content for their friends, SoundMash is a must try,” says Salminen and continues, “The best way to discover the fun of the app is to give it a go”.

SoundMash available for free on the Google Play store. You can find the SoundMash website at

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