Become a mobile messaging pioneer

We are at the centre of a hurricane called social messaging, which will impact how people communicate now and in the future. Join us, if you want to affect the social lives of people around the world and have the most professional teammates by your side while doing it. You will learn so much about start-up culture, latest mobile technologies and user-centric innovation and lean development. Learn more and join us!

Riku Salminen, CEO

Culture of Contagious Happiness

People make Jongla a fun place to work

We have a caring and friendly atmosphere. Our team mates are always willing to help out and listen. We take team building seriously because people create success. We value diversity and respect each other’s needs and skills.

Learning revolutionises our thinking

We are in an innovation business. Innovations emerge as a result of learning. Hope you love exploring because we do. We drive innovation thinking by taking the time to study and by quickly try out new ideas in a lean fashion.

Talking makes it all more fun

We talk a lot. This means that we like to include everyone in discussions and decision making. We boldly share failures and don’t dwell on mistakes, but cherish the learning opportunities. This permission to fail makes us move faster and feel happier.

We share the passion to make a difference

We enjoy the freedom and responsibility to self-organise. We all know how our apps are doing and that keeps us committed and passionate about our goals. After all, we strive to be a major player in the messaging business.


Just Another Day At The Office


Supportive and close-knit atmosphere


High quality tools and cozy offices

Fresh Beverages

Coffee, tea and fresh fruits are always available

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Free breakfast and gym


Flexible hours and remote working supported


Heltti healthcare services

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