Happy May Day!

It’s May Day, also known as Labor Day or International Workers’ Day. Here in Finland, we call it Vappu. In most countries, it is a celebration of laborers and the working classes that was promoted by the International labor movement to demand eight-hour workdays and occurs every year on May 1st.

Even so, not every country celebrates Labor Day on the May 1st. For example, USA & Canada celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday in September.

But May Day is not specifically celebrated as the International worker’s day. In Europe, it is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival. The people in most countries in Europe are welcoming spring by gathering with their families, friends, neighbors; to dance, sing, picnic and eat cakes in a fun spring festival.

No matter which one you are celebrating, 1st of May is still a good day to celebrate since it is a public holiday! So we wish you a Happy May Day! Hopefully, you can spend the day with your loved ones.


Have fun!

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