Fun ways to spend Earth Hour

This year, Earth Hour will be celebrated on Saturday, March 25th from 8:30 to 9:30 PM your local time. What you need to do for our mother earth in that one hour, is to turn off all non-essential lights.

Why? This is the way we recommit our fight against climate change. Besides, it poses another benefit which is energy and cost saving through lighting. This movement started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia where alone a total of 2.2 million people participated to the Earth Hour. By 2016, it had spread to 178 countries & territories.

But what to do in the dark? There are lots of fun things we can do to spend the Earth Hour while you are kindly donating to our home, planet Earth. Here are our ideas:

  1. Camp outside and gaze at the sky above. Have a guitar, songs to sing, snacks, drinks, and friends or family. That sounds like a fun one!
  1. Get your friends together in a circle, get the flashlight or candle, and play truth or dare. You can also tell stories to each other. Be it fiction or true stories. Time will pass by so quick that you might want to be in the dark for another hour.
  1. Go out! Take a walk and enjoy the night sounds and scenery. After all, Earth Hour will be on Saturday night! Don’t forget to turn off all the non-essential lights before you leave.
  1. Host a candlelight dinner party for family & friends. Consider asking people to bring dishes to share. Your tummy will be happy, and you will also be surrounded by your loved ones!
  1. Sleep. Turn off the light, close your eyes, and travel to the world of dreams. Wake up earlier on Sunday and enjoy the sunrise while having breakfast.

Let’s participate in the campaign on social media so we can help to raise awareness of the climate change. Because together we can #changeclimatechange.

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