Being a developer at Jongla

Are you curious about what working at Jongla is like from a more personal perspective? Well, we are here to give you just that! Read on if you want to know what we are up to here in our Ruoholahti office.

We are a team of excited, friendly and collaborative people. Working at Jongla offers plenty of opportunities to develop and learn from each other and we don’t hesitate to ask for opinions and help from different areas. Many times, we’ve seen that the best ideas come from someone who sees things from a completely different angle. Being proactive and engaging everyone in practice means that anyone can propose ideas, discuss the options and participate in making decisions.

In fact, many of our product features as well as one of the main new business ideas are initiated by the team. Just to mention one thing, the sound filters you can add to your voice messages in Jongla, are a result of our colleague Mike’s wisdom and passion for creating sound.

Some time ago, we switched to using Lean methods and now dedicate a lot of time to develop and define what works best for us. We put our users first and everything we do is about giving them a better service. We want to work in an efficient way, adapting and improving our initial ideas, measuring the achievements, and learning from the results. So, trial and error are encouraged, and luckily there are always more experienced co-workers around to support and guide you forward.

We share an open office space that encourages communication. We sit in big desks and comfortable chairs close to windows with a great view of trees and rooftops, with our desks full of the latest devices, technology and gadgets. We have our own meeting rooms and a kitchenette with fresh fruit, coffee and fine tea. More importantly, the atmosphere in the office is always friendly and coming here in the morning is a real pleasure.

Something we like doing together, is having lunch. In good days we take a nice walk to reach the perfect lunch place. Chinese, Nordic, Korean, Japanese, Nepalese, Turkish, Italian, you name it… there is always something for everyone around here. Walking around the beautiful central Helsinki blocks and harbour is also an enjoyable break in the middle of the day. Ruoholahti is a popular district for both bigger companies and startups, and very easy to reach by foot or public transport. Occasionally on Fridays, we head to the best pub in Ruoholahti for legendary Jongla beers!

A remarkable but kind of obvious phenomenon at Jongla, is that we chat constantly, especially during lunch time. We share jokes (funny and not funny), news, tech tips, music, movies and everything else online, offline and naturally in our own Jongla group chat. For us, enjoying the company of smart and interesting colleagues is always the most fun and meaningful part of work, a window to the world and something we hope you would value too!

Have you noticed that we’re currently looking for new team members? Check out our positions or let us know what you could bring to Jongla by sending us an open application – we always appreciate it.

Binghui (iOS Developer) & Ivan (Backend Development Manager)


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